My name is Terry Meggitt, CPP and I have been a member of the American Payroll Association (APA) since 2000 and a member of the Northstar Chapter in Minnesota since 1998.  I earned my Certified Payroll Professional (CPP) designation in 1995.

Once I earned my CPP I told myself that in the next year I would assist in teaching people payroll on how to pass the CPP exam.  My goal was to complete 5 years of teaching or support 100 people with passing the exam, which ever came first.  Teaching payroll has become my passion in life and I have not been able to stop!  So, now I am reaching out, to help you help others pass the exam.  One of the cornerstones of my life is to give back more than I receive. I would not be where I’m at today without the Northstar chapter and the American Payroll Association.

I encourage all of you to be a member of both APA and your local chapter, what they do for our profession is worth every penny.  Two other points I would like to make are one volunteer get involved with either your local chapter or national and second if you are in need of a great reference book, APA’s Payroll Source book is the book every payroll department should have.  But there is one source that is even better and that’s APA’s Research Ready CD, it has the Payroll Source, APA’s Guide to State Payroll Laws, Federal Payroll Tax Laws and Regulations and Federal Payroll Non-Tax Laws and Regulations all on one CD.

Over the past 18 years:

  • Over 1400 people have attended my FPC, CPP and PPLS training and review classes.
  • Assisted over 750 payroll professionals in the Twin Cities (and hundreds across the country) pass the FPC/CPP exam.
  • Created tools to assist students in passing the exams.
  • Assisted North Dakota and South Dakota in setting up their APA chapter.
  • Numerous speaking engagements in Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin.
  • Assisted several new instructors for CPP study group on how to teach since 1997 both local and across the country.
  • Received Payroll Man of the Year from Minnesota’s Northstar Chapter of the APA in 2002.
  • Received the APA’s Donald W. Sharper Education Award in 2003.
  • Member of APA’s Certification Advisory Group since 2004.
  • Member of APA’s CHAMPS program since 2005.
  • Was a speaker at the APA National Congress in 2008 and 2009.
  • Served as Vice President, President and Past President for 2008 – 2011 1 year terms each, currently the Historian for the Northstar Chapter of APA.
  • Currently serving a two year term as APA’s Board of Advisor for Region 2. 


It would be my pleasure to assist anyone in learning more about becoming a FPC or CPP.  Please contact me at  or 651 353-4464.  We can discuss what assistance or tools would best suit your circumstances.