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Click on the links for information needed for the classes

 Instructor Files  CPP Student Files
17A00 How To Use CPP Study Group Class Material IO.doc 17000 How To Use CPP Study Group Class Material.doc
17A01 Study Group Registration.docx 1700ABC  Answer Sheets.xls
17A02  Sign in Sheet-Lg Mtgs.xls 1700D Summer CPP Reading Schedule.doc
17A03  Tips for Instructors.doc 1700E  Winter CPP Reading Schedule.doc
17E01  KAC Results.xls 1701A  2017 Flash Cards Answers.doc
17E02 Test_Question_Wrong_By_Section.xls 1701A  2017 Flash Cards Questions.doc
17E03 CPP Exam breakout.doc 1701B  2017 Flash Cards Problems Answers.doc
17E04  Thank You letter to instructors.doc 1701B  2017 Flash Cards Problems Questions.doc
 17E05 Training and CPP’s.doc 1701B 2017 Flash Card Problem Answers Excel.xls
17E06  E-mail or Letter to CPPs that pass exam.doc 1711D Pregnant ALICE.xls
1703A  2017 Calculating GTL Example.doc
1703B  2017 GrossUp Cal.xls
1703C  2017 Grossup Examples.doc
1706A  2017 Percentage Method.xls
1706BA  2017 Percentage Method Test 1 Questions and Answers.doc
1706BB  2017 Percentage Method  Test 1 Worksheets and Answers.xls
1706CA  2017 Percentage Method Test 2 Questions and Answers.doc
1706CB  2017 Percentage Method  Test 2 Worksheets and Answers.xls
1706D  2017 Section 1 6 Test Answers.doc
1706D  2017 Section 1 6 Test Questions.doc
1708A  2017 Reference Guide for Box 12 Codes.doc
1709A 2017 Limits.xls
1711ABC  T Accounts.xls
1714 2017 CPP Outline.doc